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May 8, 2012 11:35pm PDT
begins, the browns are still adjusting to sin city having thread utah because of the threat of prosecution. >> how have people reacted in nevada? >> i had a friend who was a very conservative person, and he said to me, you have a stripper living next to you, i don't care if a guy has four wives. >> i don't think he should say absolutely no, because when you say absolutely no, you're going to get it. >> you say no? >> no way. what we have is so perfect and so new. >> talk to us in ten years. >> nobody wants to be there. >> reporter: at the same time, the most mundane things can become fraught in this family because of the sheer numbers involved. plural wives inefitably multiply for the opportunity for hurt feelings. >> this year, i spent new year's eve alone. and that was so sad. >> i invited you over. >> i know, i know. >> where were you? >> i was home. >> no, no, i'm sorry. >> reporter: somehow, they seem to sort through it. that's partly what makes "sister wives" riveting to watch. >> i don't know what i expected, maybe like rural housewives of utah. something really crazy
May 29, 2012 11:35pm PDT
to get to this village, which is very hard to find. >> we meet up with denise brown of the world food program who takes us to see how other families are coping with the crisis. when we reach the village of gubiday, it's quiet, too quiet. >> african villages, there's noise, people, animals. there's children running around. when the car motor stopped, it was dead silent. >> and that bothered you? >> it bothers me because it means there's a lack of movement, there's a lack of life in the village. >> lack of life because of the lack of rain. the crops around here have failed. where grain is lushlly stored, we find no reason for the lock. it's empty. >> this is all sort of the leftover, unused part of grain. with at least four months still to go before the next possible havest. until then, mothers like mariama have to find something to put in the cooking pot. >> is this all you have cooked for your family today? >> the leaves mariama goes out to pick from trees are all the food she has. another woman shows us her only meal, wild berries, so bitter, she has to cook them for three days to ma
May 4, 2012 11:35pm PDT
. ramps nice and brown. this is like home cooking. minus the frannkfranken-food an it. this is my version of a tv dinner. i think great food is about great ingredients, cooking them well, technique and making delicious food. at home, that comes out all the time. i just cook very simply. there aren't too many liquid nitrogen ice cream bars at my house. every once in awhile. for guests. i really prefer new york city nitrogen, actually. all right, so, we're back from outside harvesting our liquid ni nitrogen. this is violet petals, sugar and milk. don't quote me on the temperature. i think minus 367 defree grees fahrenheit. because it is so cold, you don't want to touch it with your hand. i'm a trained professional. don't do this at home. it is also really not good to use for hair product. so many great parts about being a chef. to me, it's one the constant education. like, i'm learning something every day. because i love it. i don't really feel like i have a job. i just wake up and it's like the ultimate lifestyle job. equal parts ice cream base to nitrogen. when it's done, you can feel it.
May 10, 2012 11:35pm PDT
brown could be sort of, like, terra cotta. >> reporter: the handbook has launched a library of other titles and she protects her brand like a mother bear. >> they won't accept junk food advertising. and it's not that i'm preachy, because i think all moms should make the choice that's right for them. but i also feel that there's the risk of preying on moms when they are at their most vulnerable. >> reporter: she says she insisted in removing a product placement in the movie from a baby formula company. >> in the shot, there's a bottle with formula in it and that's -- i'm totally fine with that. it's just that -- and especially because jennifer lopez is adopting, so, you know, it makes breast feeding difficult. >> reporter: you won't sell -- >> never, never. i feel i would be letting my parents down, you know, by doing that. >> reporter: from the author of "what to expect" you would expect nothing less. halt hats off to pregnant women everywhere. thank you for watching abc news.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)